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Acrylic and ABS Oven

Acrylic and ABS Oven


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Be mainly as process of heating the ABS and acryic PMMA sheet to soften,then put it into vacuum forming machine to form shower tray and bathtub and also solid surface fabrication .Don't limit your imagination or capabilities to flat surfaces.  With thermoforming, you can bend sheets to cover a column, fit a wet wall, make a unique table base or decorative edging.  Whatever you can imagine - you can do!

and it can also make acrylic forming electric car roof,Automotive upholstery, Motorcycle decorater board, The shell of electric scooter, The shell of medical apparatus, Refrigeratory cabinet, Parts of bathroom, Bathtub, Lantern etc...
control by hand,drawer rail make heating sheet flexible handy,


 Rockwool insulation
Cal rod resistance heating elements 

Thermostat range 1 - 300 ℃ 

Convection Heat
power:380v 30kw

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